One Moment

One Moment - Kristina McBride It's hard to put into words how well versed "One Moment" is for a coming of age/coming to terms summer story. It's a novel of grief over a tragic death, with six friends dealing with the aftermath of a cliff diving venture gone horribly wrong. In the center of it all, in the leading perspective point, is Maggie, Joey's girlfriend. She has to pick up the pieces of her fragmented memory to know what happened on the day her boyfriend died, and eventually come to terms with the healing process and all that entails. I felt the story had a bit of a slice of life feel with the way it moved between memories, the present day, and the puzzle pieces leading up to the truth surrounding Joey not being the person that they all remembered him to be. The initial point has the six friends reflecting upon him in the wake of his tragic, early demise, but when the emotions go deeper, the sentiments run much different than what their outer perceptions reveal. I liked how McBride focuses on each of the teen voices and emotional ties in this story. You get a sense of who Maggie, Adam, Christina, and the others are in their interactions with each other and how the dynamic runs in each scene, as well as their respective roles in some jarring conflicts. They're real teens with very real issues in the events surrounding them, different ways of handling their grief, as well as witholding information that could be vital to the understanding surrounding Joey's death. Granted, it takes some time getting to the heart of the matter, but the payoff is worth every piece putting together the complete picture of the matter.I think after a certain point, I knew what it would lead to, and I felt the story flow could've been slightly smoother, but I liked the tone and the overarching story, especially considering Maggie's growth from the events and finding a way to move foward in the aftermath. The growth I think gave a different dimension to the novel than just the reveal allowed. Maggie ends up playing a role where she not only suffers through the blows that the truth hands her, but she ends up reaching out to make amends and walking in a measure to move forward in her life. I think there will be many people - teens, adults - who will find something to like in this story for what it offers, as well as be drawn in with the strength of McBride's writing. I definitely hope to check into more of her writing in the future to see what McBride has to offer.Overall: 3/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Egmont USA.