The Enchanted Truth: A Modern-day Fairy Tale for Grown-up Girls

The Enchanted Truth - Kym Petrie I really wish I could've liked Kym Petrie's "The Enchanted Truth" a little more than I did. I'm usually all for cute chick-lit, fairy tale stories with a positive message behind them. The story centers around a modern day, spoiled princess who's visited by a fairy godmother. The Princess's expectations are that she wants to find the perfect prince, after having many unsuccessful attempts. Ultimately, the story's morale centers on the Princess finding value within herself, and that's a cute concept, but I'm not sure if I was fond of the execution of it. The story doesn't really have a sympathetic heroine, and the message the story sold was a bit too overemphasized, rather than allowing the story to show these values within the context of the tale. It's a fairly quick read, anywhere from about 10-20 minutes at most, and depending on whether the final version of the book has illustrations or such (as compared to my galley version), it might be worth collecting on a coffee table read, but it wasn't personally my cup of tea. I found the story didn't have enough substance to it even for a light read.Overall score: 2/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Greenleaf Book Group.