Hatha Yoga Illustrated

Hatha Yoga Illustrated - Martin Kirk, Daniel DiTuro I'm doing a short review on this because it was a part of my collection of library books where I wanted to some research on yoga and it was one of the many I pulled from the shelves. This is a very basic guide to yoga, giving an introduction to the history of yoga practice, basic techniques for breathing, as well as various illustrations of different poses such as downward dog, tree, fish, warrior poses, eagle, among others. The part of the book that I really got the most out of, apart from other sources, is the list of routines included in the last chapter, where they have a suggested sequence of poses that are best suited for flexibility, warm up routines, and gentle poses that are safe for all practicioners of yoga at any level. I would certainly recommend this book for a beginner starting yoga, though more advanced students can use this as a brief refresher.