Pilates: Body in Motion

Pilates: Body in Motion - Alycea  Ungaro Great reference/general introduction to pilates. One of the things that I really liked about this particular guide was the full color, large pictures showing proper posture and the full exercise sequences for certain poses. It's very easy to understand and pick up for multiple levels of pilates practitioners - whether you're a beginner, intermediate or at the advanced level. I liked the poses, the brief expansion on pilates history, as well as attention to some of the forms and suggested programs.Another thing I liked about this particular guide was the "Head to Toe Checklist" that pays attention to specific parts of the pose. It will tell you if your leg needs to be at a certain angle, when bending into a pose is too much (whether you're Abducting too much or something like that) and what practices to avoid in a certain pose. I think more people need to know that so you're not as prone to injury. Much of this I recognized, but it was still helpful to note whether instructing or following along on your own practice.