Onyx (A Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Initial reaction: "Onyx" impressed me more than I thought it would going into it. I definitely liked Daemon more in this book, and while Katy pretty much has everything thrown at her in this book, I saw why she reacted the way she did. The combination of humor, action, and romance in this was well balanced, and I thought it worked for the story very well. I need to collect my thoughts, but I'm very much looking forward to the next book.Full review:I guess the first thing I'll say to commence this review might be something of a fangirlish statement if typed in all capital letters and followed by exclamation points: this was so much better than "Obsidian". I kid you not, I was really impressed with this book given the transition. The narrative flow was great, the characters well drawn, all in all this was actually a fun, enthralling read. Daemon actually bought himself a clue and was not only apologetic for his actions but also brought on quite a bit of humor where it counted. (Plus a man who notes "All Quiet on the Western Front" as his favorite book is a man after my own bookish heart. Obviously he's after Katy's too.)But that's not to say things were exactly smiles and fun times in this book. Not always, not by a long shot. Last we left Katy and Daemon, Daemon professed that he liked Katy, but Katy was having none of that after the way he treated her. (Go girl!) I'm glad to see a heroine who might have a level of sexual tension with a guy who comes across as a jerk, but has the gumption to say "no" and not put up with any B.S. In this book, Katy has a bit of a rough time of things. If she's not trading spars with Daemon in affirming/denying her attraction for him, she's got other problems up her sleeve.Like developing alien powers and struggling to control them. Like a new mysterious surfer guy who seems to be attracted to Katy as well. Like finding out a certain person key in Daemon's life might still be alive, among other things. The plot building and development in this was solid, and the tension kept rolling throughout.I know a lot of people say that Katy took a step down in this book with respect to the kick-butt/take names character she was in the last book. I'd probably say yes and no to that. I'll admit reading this, I kind of understood where her character was in places. She gets many curve balls thrown at her and I expected she wouldn't deal with all of them well. That's not to say I necessarily agreed with the route taken (or some of the transitional points, which kept this from being a 5-star read for me), but I could see why. I appreciate when an author can take a strong/solid character and have them run through the emotional gauntlet when they face certain realities in their realm, and toggle with the sentiments and consequences that may bring on, depending on the choices made. You wonder just how much that character can take on given the situation and if it's tearing down their walls in spaces, then it's not going to be easy to build them up again. I suspect that for both Katy and Daemon, after the events in this novel, it's not going to be easy for them to move on given those realities.I did have some issues with the love triangle in this book. I mean it was funny when Daemon kept getting the dude's name wrong, but at the same time, I was pretty annoyed both at the fact that Daemon was possessive and sometimes icky, but I was also kind of annoyed at Katy for knowing for quite a while that she was stringing the dude along and didn't say as soon as she could "You know, I'm torn with these feeling for another guy and I can't be in another relationship right now." That was a bit of a chip on my shoulder for a good part of the book, but I still managed to like quite a bit about it.The last 100 pages of the book kept me glued and didn't release me until I finished the last page. And the ending itself was a great concluding point which prompts a nice lead into the next work. I know I have Armentrout's name in mind for authors to watch after reading this. I really enjoyed "Onyx" and can't wait to read the next book in the Lux series.Overall score: 4/5