The Iron Daughter (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa I think "The Iron Daughter" had a rocky start with some of the petty politics enacted in the Winter Courts and awkward romantic ties, but the overall story, if I were to consider the collective events and pacing of the novel, turned out very well. It picks up where "Winter's Passage" left off, having Meghan Chase fulfill her promise to Ash, the Winter Prince, to accompany him after he helped Meghan find her brother. But not all is well for Meghan while she's there. First, there's the fact that Ash treats her coldly because of faerie politics and not wanting to seem weak in the courts, and Meghan becomes a bit of a weepy mess in the beginning. I found myself irritated with probably the first 100 pages of the book for that reason. Yet when the real conflict of the novel begins - it had me hooked all the way to the end. Ash and Meghan are on the run after a harrowing set of events sends the Winter Court into a spiral, and the two realize the Iron Fey are a threat yet again. They gain a new ally (Iron Horse, who I thought was awesome in this novel), and greet the return of another (Puck, who makes a grand return and Grim, who I can't help but love) to join forces in order to retrieve a stolen item and take down the new, rogue ruler in the Iron Kingdom. I loved the cast of characters - new and old, in this novel, and I warmed up even more to Ash in this novel on account of his sacrifices and decisions. I didn't really like him at the beginning of this novel because the whole "boy is cold to girl and doesn't really love her when really he does" motif has become very old to me and I dislike it immensely. Yet, I liked him as his icy exterior thaws out and he starts showing more of his valiant efforts in the crossfire of events. Meghan was a little more difficult to like in this novel at first (particularly in the weepy parts - I thought it was a bit much), but I warmed up to her a little more as she started finding her footing and standing up for herself and what she knew to be the truth. I'm still waiting (hoping) that she does even more in the novels to come.The weakest aspect in this novel, that I found, was the love triangle. I still somewhat had a problem with the handling of it because it feels forced and not as developed as it could've been. The worldbuilding, the humor, the pacing of the action, and the journey aspects and camaraderie are still awesome. I enjoyed them immensely.Overall, I eagerly look forward to the next novel in the Iron Fey series. While this had a few qualms for me to consider, I still enjoyed "Iron Daughter" for what it offered, and would recommend it for those who liked "The Iron King."Overall score: 3.5/5