Reaper (Soul Screamers, #3.5)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent I'm technically reading this out of order for the "Soul Screamers" series, but when I read this was a novella about Tod, I jumped at the chance for reading it since I loved his character from the first book (despite how little scene time he had in spurts). I received this as a free download for the kindle.The novella tells the story of how Tod became a reaper, exchanging his life for his younger brother in the event of a terrible car accident. Rachel Vincent has a wonderful blend of humor, emotion, and characterization within this novella, and it's the kind of thing that I look for in strong short stories/novellas. It only took me about an hour to read it, and I love Tod's character more for the story since it features a blend of his sardonic humor as well as showcases his heart/maturity in the decision he had to make. There are some bit details about banshees that's repeated from the overarching story, but I think those that are coming into this series for the first time would appreciate that bit of background. For me, it just served as a reminder of the universe Vincent is writing in, so I didn't mind it as much.This was a novella well worth the read and I would recommend it not only to people who like the Soul Screamers series, but also those who like a bit of urban fantasy with a blend of humor, distinct character focus, and a story of sacrifice, though I don't think this novella was ever too heavy with the subject matter.Overall score: 4/5