Six Earlier Days

Six Earlier Days - David Levithan Initial thoughts: For 37 pages of one-shot accounts, this was a powerful story, and an intriguing lead into Levithan's "Every Day". I felt connected to each of the six accounts, and while it was a quick read, it left a powerful impression on me not only in the narrative, but with Levithan's rooted prose. Great single shot stories.Full review:I have a feeling this respective review will be short considering this was a short read that took very little time on my part, but I enjoyed immensely. "Six Earlier Days" is the prequel to David Levithan's work "Every Day" - the story of a teen named "A" who lives each day in a different body, moving from one point to the next. These six narrative accounts are a glimpse into "A"'s life before the events of "Every Day", and I have to give it to Levithan, he hooked me with each distinct narrative here. Each of the days brought very insightful observations into the lives "A" embodies for that single day. Whether it was the seven year old whose mother was controlling or the boy who got up a 4:44 AM every morning to work out. There was an attention to the relationships and interactions of the people "A" encountered that I really appreciated and worked well for the singular stories. It's an appropriate leading into the thematic and presentation of "Every Day", but I think it also stands on its own with the way it delves into each of the character's situations. And that's worth following in its own right.I would certainly recommend it for those who liked "Every Day", who like Levithan's work, and for those who like short stories with a great eye for character and insights on their respective lives.Overall score: 4.5/5