The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa I promise I won't spoil too much in this review considering the major turns of events and the ending of this work. I will say that it is a bit sad that this seems like the last book with Meghan's narrative however, with Ash taking the reins in next major book. (I'll have to read "Summer's Crossing" before that, but that's considered a novella.) Considering I've followed her voice through three books, that's saying something - she's grown into a much stronger presence than she was in the first few books of the Iron Fey and the way she steps up to the fight to take down the False Iron King was well worth following the journey for. This book started where the last book left off, with Meghan and Ash together, separated from their respective realms. But as chance would have it, neither Meghan nor Ash are completely done in their respective journey, as an unexpected offer and chance at some odd revealed truths come into place. It takes them yet again on another journey (along with the always adorable Puck), and into a battle for their lives and respective kingdoms with the rise of the False Iron King.This story had its share of interesting moments, some of which genuinely surprised me with respect to the truth of Meghan's destiny and how she stands up to face off against the Iron Fey and those that threaten the realms. The characters still have their charming attributes (Grim still making me grin from ear to ear - best cat ever), and some interesting new characters who came into the foray (Clockmaker, etc.) I like Kagawa's ability to delve into the fantastical, and how she weaves the journey aspect of the novel with such intrigue that it pulls you along for the ride. I kind of skirted some of the "love triangle" moments, but the notes of intimacy between Ash and Meghan I though were quite nice, and I enjoyed them.The ending of this novel satisfied me, particularly for Meghan's role in it. I thought it was a great way for Meghan to embrace her role and interesting to see what may result from her actions here, on the part of the other characters in the journey ahead, as well as what it may mean for the realm at large. I'm looking forward to seeing what it offers, and I think I enjoyed this novel the most out of the series so far.Overall: 4/5