The Iron Knight (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa "The Iron Knight" marks the fourth and final full book in Julie Kagawa's "Iron Fey" series. Much of what I have to say about it is along the lines of "What a ride" and "What a rush" - I really enjoyed the story, and the series, overall. Even with Megan's narrative ending in the previous book, "The Iron Queen," I'll admit I liked reading Ash's account of things in this book, though I'll admit I had a few qualms to start and in the duration. I really didn't like the re-emergence of a love triangle in this book with the appearance of a certain character - I'm not going to spoil it in the context of this review - but I was worried about where that would go and what Kagawa would do with the character. Regardless, I don't think the re-emerging character was really that bothersome, I just thought the terms of her "coming back" were really icky, at least to me. I somewhat guessed early on what would happen to her, and I'll admit that did take a toll on my enjoyment of the story a little, but everything else about the book, from Ash's banter with Grim and Puck, to the overarching journey, and even Ash facing his inner demons in the trials were interesting to watch. There are a lot of people who would say it was quite a bit of angst, but I actually felt like Ash had more wiggle room to grow as a character from this book. In a good part of the initial stages of the series, you see him as this cold character who does so many heartless things and rages in his fey form, but as he fell in love with Meghan, and ultimately in the journey he undertakes in this novel, he does undergo some significant changes of his own, especially in the trials when he has to embrace aspects of claiming his soul. And of course, the ending left me content and was quite sweet. Overall, I thought this was a fitting conclusion to the Iron Fey series, and I'm looking forward to Kagawa's latest efforts in the following series to this, starting with "The Lost Prince."Overall score: 3.5/5