Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation - Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr's "Treasure Yourself" left me feeling fairly disappointed with it in the aftermath. It's not that I don't appreciate the opportunity to hear of this Victoria's Secret model's experiences and challenges, as well as her advice emphasizing the need to love and cherish yourself. Yet, this narrative really never realizes its full potential, nor does it organize itself in a way that's easy to read through. The narrative is written in a series of spotty, somewhat child-like vignettes that talk about Kerr's struggles, but don't really say much beyond a very surface level of experiences or advice. I wanted to feel more for her and about her, but in the work - she mentions a horrible thing that happened to her and then glosses over it with pretty words. The writing style is somewhat stilted and rehashes many of the same messages over and over again. I didn't really feel like I learned much about her, nor her journey to self-improvement, nor have any messages that I could take home for myself or for others who may have some of the same challenges with body image, self-worth, or self-improvement. It felt like reading an answer to an extended, general question on a Miss America or Miss Universe pageant, and I hate saying that because it's not as if young girls/women who are models don't struggle with the pressures of fame, body image, or self-worth, but this narrative really liked the depth and true knowledge of someone who endured the hardship of the facets of this particular industry. Long story short, I expected more and much better quality from a narrative like this.Overall score: 2/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Hay House.