Just 10 LBS: Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want (Finally) - Brad Lamm "Just 10 LBS" sells a simple, straightforward premise to weight loss by listing a guide of ten steps to take in order to improve eating habits and overall quality of life for an individual. Quoting directly from the book, Brad Lamm, a specialist in addiction who wrote the book from a perspective that weight gain/imbalance is attributed to unhealthy, uncontrolled eating patterns and unhealthy thought processes, states the ten steps as follows: 1. Live the Love-Centered Diet2. Start a Moving Meditation3. Develop a Daily Practice4. Appreciate your Body5. Love Yourself Thin6. Maintain Loving Connections7. Eliminate Excuses8. Examine Your Battleground Beliefs9. Connect with Higher-Source Thinking10. Pay it ForwardI think one of the strengths of this book is that it's so straightforward and outlines a clear, general guide to pursuing each of these particular objectives, with a general approach to the mind-body-spirit-health dynamic. Yet, I think therein lies one of the book's biggest weaknesses - there are sections in which it's too general - and reads surprisingly impersonal for a weight loss guide. I don't say "impersonal" in terms of it being a guide that's supposed to hold your hand as you're going through these changes - that's not it at all, because I think the heart of Lamm's cause is there and it manages to be informative. Yet, it lacks a certain engagement that I think other fitness/health/wellness guides have given and have actually excelled more in their given presentation. Granted, I think a lot of this book is meant to supplement materials that one can find on the companion website (just10diet.com), but I couldn't understand why some of this information, in more detail, couldn't have been incorporated within the book itself.Those who are looking for a more comprehensive, yet specific guide to weight loss may feel underwhelmed by the lack of expansion as to why these steps should be valuable to their lives and feel as if it is too general to address their concerns about changing their lifestyle behaviors with wider considerations. I don't doubt that there are people who would find this guide somewhat useful, especially if you're treading water as to where you want to start making behavioral, thought, and dietary changes in your life with respect to weight loss and healthy thinking, and more specifically if you have a problem with emotional/overeating and not know where to start. (The guide to the different types of eating habits in the first section is quite helpful.) For a beginner, this book is more useful. For a veteran, I don't think it would be as helpful due to its general nature.The way this book is organized - you have the steps explained at some general length, with some healthy tidbits interspersed within the chapters for common consideration. At the end of each section are ten conclusions to think about and a myth busting factoid. It's very reader friendly in that it doesn't overwhelm one with information, but I think it lacks a distinction that sets it apart from other guides that have the comprehensive information, but easy to understand/reference material all in one place.Overall, I appreciated the time taken to read it, but I would say that "Just 10 LBS" would be more beneficial in a general perspective/light reference guide rather than as a practical guide to weight loss, because it truly doesn't cover all the issues that go into it, and not enough, I would say, to actually enact the kind of changes that it promises to make for the individual reading it. I would say to get the most out of this book, you'd have to go outside of it for more information.I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Hay House, inc.Overall score: 3/5