Ghost Hands - T.A. Barron, William Low Quick, lovely read. I went to the library to look up some stories based in Argentina and found a children's book based in Patagonia. "Ghost Hands" is written by T.A. Barron, and the beautiful, color illustrations were drawn by William Low. The tale is about a boy named Auki, of the Tehuelche tribe, who defies his family wanting to prove his worth as a hunter. Yet a dangerous encounter with a puma leaves him in a tough spot. It also leads to a discovery of a cave with many painted hands, and evolves into something of a coming of age for the boy. This tale is supposed to be a fictional anecdote to the mystery of the actual Cueva de los Manos (Cave of the Hands) that's located in Patagonia, where there are many hands but only one footprint. I personally enjoy the story. I do wish that we knew the reason for the lone footprint in the cave, as well as heard more stories from the Tehuelche tribe, but I appreciated Barron and Low's contributions in this story. It was well done.Overall score: 4/5