The Art of Character: Creating Memorable Characters for Fiction, Film, and TV - David Corbett Pre-read thoughts: Yet another book I randomly bought from my university's bookstore (and yeah I've splurge spent on a number of fiction reads and writing guides in recent weeks). I'll probably be using it quite soon because I'm trying to re-examine some of my characters from my WIPs. Hope it turns out worth the read and buy.Post read thoughts: Worth every penny. I'm definitely going to be revisiting this guide more often. What I liked about it was that the book constructively examines aspects of character motivation, conflict, internal rationale, among other dimensions to make it possible to delve into a deeper POV set. There were exercises at the end of each chapter to not only look into your own experiences as a guide for character (because people are the characters of their own stories), but also active exercises to refer to and examine in your own WIPs. I liked that the examples given from multiple sources of media were plausible and great examples, but it may be limiting for some depending on whether or not you've watched/perused that show or series. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this and I will be using it as an active guide. I would highly recommend it for anyone who want to develop their characters more in their stories.