Downsizing Your Home with Style: Living Well In a Smaller Space - Lauri Ward I'll admit this particular book wasn't what I expected from a home arrangement book. It has some good tips and it's specifically oriented towards people who are moving to smaller homes and want to arrange their furniture and living space in a such a state. It's not a bad read, but I'll admit I was expecting more on the level of arrangement ideas, organizational tips, more image samples that would show (rather than tell) of what measure to include in each of the various rooms of the home, and more information that wasn't out of date. There have been home guides I've perused that were written 15 or more years ago that have been timeless for the deocrating, arrangement and organizational value on a personal level for each room of the house, but this shows its age with certain references and doesn't quite deliver on the level of appealing to multiple types of audiences for the subject matter.