Joe the Barbarian - Sean  Murphy, Grant Morrison Great artwork and concept, but the actual writing of the story was a bit disjointed - started off great in the early issues, became a little harder to follow in the latter ones. I liked Joe's character well enough, but wish I could've gotten to know the other characters a little better. The story revolves around Joe, a victim of bullying and has Type I diabetes. He's at home one rainy evening when he starts going into shock. This toggles him between the real world and a fantastical realm. He has to get a soda at the end of the journey to save himself and get back to the real world.I think what helped this story stand out to me was the amazing artwork and just being invested in Joe's journey back and forth through the realms, even if it was a bit difficult to believe at times with respect to what was actually going on in the real world. I liked it though, particularly as an evening read in one sitting.