Learning to Breathe: A Mindfulness Curriculum for Adolescents to Cultivate Emotion Regulation, Attention, and Performance - Patricia C. Broderick Patricia C. Broderick's "Learing to BREATHE" is an excellent resource on mindfulness, intended for educators of pre-adolescent and adolescent students. The emphasis of the book centers around teaching students the important nature of cultivating emotional intelligence and mindfulness - not only as a function to perform better in the classroom and the overall learning environment, but also to take those measures with them in the outside realm - to reduce stress, pay attention to their thoughts and emotions, and be able to develop better coping strategies. The book expresses the benefits of incorporating mindfulness in this age group based on the challenges that adolescents have at this stage of life.The concept of BREATHE is divided into paying attention to the following factors:B - BodyR - ReflectionsE - EmotionsA - Attention/AttentivenessT - Tenderness/Take it as it isH - Habits for a healthy MindE - Empowerment (which is the overarching program goal).I really liked the plotting of both the six session and eighteen session course plans. There are similar dimensions to each, with the latter being more steadily progressive to each of the different dimensions, while the former is more an abbreviated form that could apply to older students versus younger. Still, the author recommends to examine the type of class you have, not so much age, to determine which methodology is best. The text includes online and print resources for educators as well as students, and provides worksheets and handouts for students and teachers to use in the activities generated in each of the dimensions of the BREATHE concept. I highly recommend it, as someone passionate about health and wellness, this is an invaluable resource for not only adolescents to deal with present day challenges, but also to develop habits for wellness in a lifelong spectrum in any dimension.Overall score: 5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher New Harbinger Publications.