Training Their Mate (Pack Wars, #1) - Vella Day Thinking back, I'm not really sure why/how I ended up reading this, but the long and short of the story is that this was somehow a revenge turned paranormal BDSM menage story.Yes, you heard me right. Dante and Trax Field (Can't. Stop. Laughing.) are two gents who end up saving the life of a woman whose revenge attempt goes horribly wrong. Liz Wharton wants to kill a man she works for because 20 years ago he raped her mother. Tragic scenario in the backdrop, but the plan was pretty much doomed from the start. She laces the guy's drink with GHB, waits for him to pass out for the longest time so that once he's out, she can shoot him with the gun hidden in her purse.Only he never does. She makes an escape like nothing's wrong, but then out of the blue, a van comes barreling after her, and she's saved by Trax from the ordeal. She later finds out that the reason the boss (Harvey Couch) never passed out was because he was really a werewolf, as are Trax and his brother Dante. And now Couch wants to kill her. Of course Liz, upon meeting the brothers, falls head over heels in instalust with them, and ends up sleeping with one of them and into a full on BDSM menage with the two of them (don't ask me how or why this happens - it doesn't make sense. Seriously, it just doesn't.) So in the midst of protecting her from Couch's influence, they're also engaging in sexy times with Liz.The ending to this was a rather cruel cliffhanger to top things off. I can't say that I was upset by it because I didn't have any investment in the story for its implausibilities. In sum, I think the overarching story was disjointed and very threadbare, plus an obvious excuse to have the characters engaging in sexy times - but the scenario was so ridiculously portrayed - it just didn't work.Suffice to say, this wasn't my cuppa.Overall score: 0.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher.