The Guide to Chinese Horoscopes: The Twelve Animal Signs * Personality and Aptitude * Relationships and Compatibility * Work, Money and Health - Gerry Maguire Thompson, Shuen-Lian Hsaio Initial reaction: Wonderful introduction to Chinese Horoscopes and what goes into the personality types, the elements, the animals, among other dimensions.Full review:I've always been fascinated to some degree about horoscopes and astrology, probably because of how it tends to delve into the facets of personality and fortune based on a numerous amount of elements and how - in the most interesting of circumstances - those elements can be right on point. I've had an exposure to Chinese Horoscopes, birth years, and the dimensions involved in that, but perhaps not as much as I was prior to picking up this guide written by Gerry Maguire Thompson. I wouldn't say it's comprehensive - you're not going to learn everything through this single guide alone, but it's a fine starting point to understanding each of the animals, the elements and how they intersect and are interpreted. Most picking this up will have a better understanding of each of the dimensions and what they entail. I'm a wood rat based on my birth year (1984), and it was interesting to see how I'm characterized my personality on that note, but also how it describes my relationships and other dimensions in life like work habits, health dimensions, etc. In addition to delving into each of the animal signs and elements, it also provides a series of projections for each animal sign. While it may be time limited for the projections themselves, the introduction, the easy to peruse format, and the organization makes it well worth reading over time.Overall score: 4/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Watkins.