Mesmerize - Artist Arthur Word to the wise: you might want to read the first three books of this respective series to get a more complete idea of the world, conflicts, and characters in the "Mystyx" series. This particular book definitely does not stand alone. I'm jumping into this series blind after quite some time, but I have to say that even considering this is my introduction to the series as well as Artist Arthur's work, it was a pleasant read and one that engaged me for the most part in the realm of YA paranormal/supernatural fiction.For one, I liked the style of the narrative that Arthur employs with Lindsey Yi's voice. She sounds like a typical teenager, though I'll admit even with some of the very detailed senses that Lindsey describes, it does feel - for a good part of the beginning narrative, that things are being told to the reader. In some ways, I understood it though, because for people like me who are catching up with the series - it was helpful to have something of a recap of things and establishment of the character. I felt for her as she explains the tragic loss of her parents and her struggles to move on with that, but also how she introduces her role as a part of the Mystyx and her powers as an telepath/empath. The story revolves around Lindsey meeting a boy named Dylan who takes an interest in her. There are also mysterious occurrences that the Mystyx have to deal with that threaten to shatter their worlds.I didn't expect this book to have the level of action and losses it had, but even with a mild introduction to the characters here, the conflicts were intense. There are losses that hit the group hard, and the level of magic and internal/external conflict was well done in the context of the story. I'm not going to spoil events for those who haven't read this book or the series, but I really liked the ride this book took me on and would recommend it. I would also like to read more in this respective series in the future. My perspective of this novel may change once I start the series from the beginning, but for what its worth, I liked what it had to offer at this point.Overall score: 3/5 stars.Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Harlequin/Kimani TRU.