Fashion Babylon

Fashion Babylon - Imogen Edwards-Jones Fashion Babylon is one of those books where you go into it thinking that it's a documentary, but it reads like a scandalous tell-all. It's supposed to be a story of an up and coming fashion designer who has to work in the trials and tribulations of the industry. The events are said to be true, but the fashion designer herself is fictionalized.I'll say it straight out - I didn't like the diction of the work, after finishing the book in its entirety. For the first several chapters, I could handle it, but to realize that most of the book is written that way, I found it jarring to read (though the narrator of the audiobook seemed to work with it fine).It was fairly repetitive in spurts with some of the same issues addressed (drunkeness and drug usage, anyone?). I would have liked it more if the discussion focused the actual building of the fashion career and connectivity rather than meandering between scandal, industry, and then long winded predictable tangents before repeating that cycle.I would just give it two stars - I did learn a few things from this book, but if you're looking for a more suitable documentary book on the fashion industry - this isn't something I would recommend.