Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl I read this book in a matter of a couple of hours, and part of the reason why I rank it 2 stars (really more like 1.5/5) is because I expected a lot more from it just on the basis of the description. The premise seems interesting if you consider it - a woman named Molly returning to her hometown after 10 years and having an invested, lustful interest in the good, grounded boy next door Ben, who turns out to be the police chief of the town. I'll be honest - I hated Molly, and I say this because I actually thought she'd be a better character given her quirks/description - flirty, funny, and maybe have some parts of her personality show up that made her memorable, but that wasn't the case. Instead she's chock full of cliches and oversexed to the point where it's tacky. It's interesting to have a female who's chasing after a love interest, but her persona is all over the place and bland. I would think for a person of her profession - which is actually interesting for this type of novel, could lead to all sorts of interesting possibilities, but this never comes out, and I think the author doesn't take as many liberties with her to make her well rounded and even mysterious (because a lot can happen in the scheme of 10 years). I get the sense that Molly's character has a wild, transient imagination, but the style of writing/development doesn't support it. Ben's character I liked a little more, and I even felt sorry for him in some of the situations he gets into with Molly and his backstory, but even with that - it doesn't really come across until well into the book, and by then I found myself just pushing through the story to see where it would end.There were a lot of things going on this novel as well - trying to be too many books in one scope - it surprised me to see a stalker related storyline here and with the book trying to balance mystery, romance, erotica, etc., it needed to really just focus on one or two of those elements rather than trying to develop them all.And basically - this book is peppered with a lot of sex scenes - literally you won't go a couple of chapters or so without reading some rather vivid encounters of sex - and it would probably be something more if the characters were easier to have an investment in.The writing style, on a positive note, is easy to digest and read in one sitting, and there were some (very few) cute moments between the characters that I liked on some levels, but I've read it once and I don't have a desire to read it again. It just disappointed me for what I believed it was going to deliver, and it didn't on so many levels.