Columbus Groove

Columbus Groove - Brandice Schnabel "Columbus Groove" by Brandice Schnabel was the first book I won through a Goodreads giveaway, and I have to say that for a collection of poems that revolve around various frames, it's excellently written. The collection showcases poems that deal with instability, connectivity, sadness, and reveled joy in relationships and life. The collection of poems is divided into three sections: "Lost at Sea", "Searching for Shore" and "On Dry Land". "Lost at Sea" presents a beautiful kaleidoscope of perspectives, depicting relationships in intricate reflections. "Searching For Shore" features poems that each search for something certain - something to cling to, but it doesn't always end up landing on solid terrain, elusive even. "On Dry Land" concludes the collection with a wonderful group of poems that represent solidarity - finding definitive elements in each portrait of relationships it paints to close it together.I'll admit there were probably a few poems that didn't quite hit me as hard as others (I read "Good in Bed" aloud to my sister and she gave me a very perplexed look in response), but I found something to enjoy in the way they contributed to the whole of the work thematically.I would definitely recommend it as a solid collection of contemporary poems. Overall score: 4/5P.S. Thanks Brandice for sharing this collection of poems with me - I enjoyed them a lot, and look forward to your future books, and I hope you have a happy Spring as well. :)