Where Two Ways Meet (Harlequin Presents No. 726)

Where 2 Ways Meet - Yvonne Whittal It's odd that I went a number of years with this Harlequin Presents novel (originally written in 1984 - my birthyear!) sitting on my bookshelf after getting it at random at a old library booksale and never thought to pick it up until my curiosity to sit down to read *anything* Harlequin related in full got the best of me. (And I did so with my teeth gritted) I don't care too much for the series of books because they tend to be very formulaic for me, but to Yvonne Whittal's credit, she makes a likable cast of characters and frames a believable romance between two lovers from, literally, different sides of the tracks - a high ranking surgeon from a high class family, and a struggling nurse who comes from a meager part of town. The interactions between the two main characters are realistic - sometimes funny, sometimes tense, and sometimes spontaneously lustful - and the themes of social class structural differences and the element of a matriarch who doesn't approve of Margot's meager upbringing is formulaic and predictable, but progressively works within the scheme of the novel.I predicted what would happen through most of book as I read it, but doing so didn't detract from what I was able to take out of it, and people who like this genre and thematic will more than likely appreciate what "Where Two Ways Meet" offers. Whittal is one of the better writers I've found in this series of books, so I give her due credit here. Does it make me more apt to read this series of books? Not so much, but I'm open-minded enough to know that this was a quick engaging story for a 2 hour read and re-read.My rating for this book: 2.5/5