Batman: Dead White (DC Comics) (Movie in Your Mind)

Batman: Dead White (DC Comics) (Movie in Your Mind) - John Shirley "Batman: Dead White" is a mature story that may be a bit intense due to its content and subject matter, but for those that can withstand the crude language, the graphic violence, and the racially charged conflict in this book - it's quite the Batman adventure, and well worth the listen if you're taking in the Graphic Audio audiobook. The experience is enhanced by an original soundtrack, sound effects, and a myriad of voice actors who provide an interesting listening experience. I did have my qualms with a few of the voice actors at first, but taking in the whole experience, I found it immersible and worth the time.The scenario follows Batman, in his early years of crimefighting (so he has to deal with his internal demons as well as the external), facing off against a White Supremacist group in Gotham City led by a formidable leader, White Eyes. Dealing with drugs, internal police corruption, weapon development, and most prominent, racism, among a host of other blunt conflicts, it feels so in your face that it may make the listener bristle with how blunt it is (White Eyes made my blood boil, not just for his blunt racist epithets but the fact he nearly rapes a girl to further his "movement" *shudders*). Then again, it fits right in with the collective Batman franchise considering the dark, gritty storyline. The familiar cast of characters are here (Alfred, Commissioner Gordon) as well as a interesting cast of protagonists (Cormack, Gary, Beth, Grenobyl, Harold) and antagonists. I liked the varying shifts in viewpoints, the progressive yet quick pacing in both the alternating action and character focus, and the accompanying soundtrack - it felt like listening to a movie with the descriptions painting each step of the story. I think there were some relationships/character constructions that were treated in shallow progressions, but for a story that juggled both its subsequent conflicts with action - it's difficult to critique it. I wouldn't say it's the best Batman story I've heard, or even the strongest original cast as compared to some of the comic spin-offs I've read, but for an original novel, I did appreciate hearing it as a whole. It makes me want to look into the other Graphic Audio adaptations of the Batman franchise. Overall: 3/5