His Robot Wife

His Robot Wife - Wesley Allison Extremely quick read. Given that the ebook I downloaded for this was about 114 pages, I read it in less than an hour, but it took me a little bit to decide whether or not I liked it. The writing felt about as mechanical as the story told (meaning you can tell where its going and basically see the steps as it unfolds, but there are a few tongue in cheek surprises with respect to references) and while its definitely classified as sci-fi, I don't know whether I could call it romance because the relationship aspect of it was very straightforward and predictable. Some humor, but not really enough to call it comedic. Basically, the story is about a 50-something year old school teacher who orders a robot from a company called Daffodil. The main character, Mike, ends up naming the robot Patience, and the story chronicles their relationship with each other, from her serving as his personal trainer chef and lover to her protecting him when some confrontations come to light. Overall, the story's so straightforward I applaud it for being a story that knows where it's going to start, but at the same time, I've heard stories that were better than this and still managed not to be drawn out (this wasn't, but at the same time, I felt it could have had more heart to it).I'll give it a thumbs up for effort in its content and with respect to being just above 100 some pages, but even with that, I felt there could have been so much more to this story, and while it didn't disappoint me with what it offered/promised, it didn't suit my interests enough to really be able to consider it among the best stories I've read, even in dealing with the same subject matter.Overall score: 1.5/5