Savor the Moment

Savor the Moment  - Nora Roberts "Savor the Moment" was a very nice read for Nora Roberts third installation in the "Bride Quartet" series. No pun intended, since the primary character, Laurel McBane, is the baker for the bridal planning group VOWS, and this book focuses on her growing relationship with Delaney "Del" Brown.To be honest, the potential for a deeper sense of conflict in this book was there, but never really expanded upon the possible territories, to be honest. Delaney and Laurel each come from different backgrounds, though they've known each other for a long time. There were hints at a class differential (and care differential since Del tends to be protective of all four girls) that I thought were really interesting, but it was resolved within a couple of chapters and mentioned in passing, and it did disappoint me a little that it wasn't confronted between the two characters in some measure directly and more intimately. Nonetheless, the slice of life and romantic atmosphere that was in the first few books comes across quite strongly in this particular book, and I loved reading the budding dynamic between Del and Laurel as they realize that they mean more to each other than they realize. I also loved the continued strong characterizations that were continued from the previous books - strong dialogue, many funny moments, and interesting situations within the bridal planning (including a fussy MOB and SMOB confrontation). There are also very blunt hints at a relationship for Parker in this book, which leads into the next book of the Quartet series.I found Laurel a great protagonist to follow - she's fun, dynamic, and great to watch in her interactions and usual quirks. I think that was another aspect I liked about the book, even if I thought the conflict in this book could have used a bit of fleshing out. Overall, I'd recommend it to those who love the BQ series and who love a light, sweet read.Overall score: 3/5