Zombie Saturday Night (Confessions of a Teenage Vampire)

Zombie Saturday Night - Terry M. West, Steve Ellis I think this was a teenage vampire graphic novel series that ended too soon and showed some promise to it despite a rushed and not so thoroughly vetted plot. I won't say it was one of the better ones I've read, but I remember buying this from the scholastic ordering series back in middle school and my excitement in reading it. Several years later, I realize that it didn't fill me with as much excitement with respect to the story as it did just the general memory of what it could have been. Lily is a teenager coping with her newfound abilities from turning into a vampire, but finds that her nemesis, Sang, plans to unleash a plethora of zombies on Halloween night. I almost want to say this is more middle grade than it is YA. There's not a lot needed to understand it and its a simple story. But if I were to be honest about it - I remember this most not for the story but for the interesting artwork and characters. I just wish the series had more expansion.I'd give it a solid 2.5 stars, but the extra half star is primarily because I really liked the artwork of both books in the series.