Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2 (The Twilight Saga)

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 2 - Young Kim, Stephenie Meyer You know what, if I'm allowed to be completely and utterly honest - I probably would have liked Twilight a lot more if it were a graphic novel in the style of Japanese manga or Korean manhwa, at least that's what I told myself when I thought about it after reading the whole series of books (despite having issues with the plot and pacing). It seemed like the kind of story that would be best suited for the drama. I've read many series over the years in those formats because I have a genuine love for some of the stories (Monster, NANA, etc.).Having said that, the announcement of Twilight's graphic novel adaptation came as a surprise - because I honestly didn't think it would come to fruition. When it did, I decided to let curiosity (as I'm prone to fall to) out of the bag and read the first volume. I'm really not a huge fan of Twilight, but I do give it credit where credit is due.I have mixed feelings about the GN overall, because on one hand - I think Young Kim's illustrations are very well done, brilliant even. I have no issues with the artwork at all, and surprisingly, the adaptation does match some of the impressions I had of the characters, Bella and Edward included. (Aside note - I wouldn't take Bella's beauty with too much critique - there are a lot of ordinary female protagonists in Asian graphic novels that actually look very beautiful in their artistic interpretations. It's a common trend.)The problems I had lie more in the technical execution of the graphic novel - the lettering was off, speaking bubbles shadowing over key characters, etc. It really could have been much better in presentation than what it was, and that did distract me. Considering this is an adaptation and not a direct serialization WRT the story - this was actually an interesting GN. I can't take away from it on that, and I'm usually very critical of such things like adaptations. It's at the very least consistent and gives a decent summarization of events for a good part of the GN (plot issues and characterization cliches aside).So in the end, I'm just giving it 3 stars. I spent about little more than an hour reading it and found it worth the time. But if I'm being honest - it's not worth the high price tag. If it were priced like most translated manga volumes, it would be worth it. If you're really concerned about the quality, I'd recommend checking it out if your local library has it, and then decide if its something you want to keep before you buy, because this might not be a book for everyone, even for those who are extremely dedicated to Twilight.