The Host: A Novel

The Host - Stephenie Meyer From the blurb on the back of Stephanie Meyer's "The Host", one would expect a more mature setting, plot, and progression, but the truth of the matter is that this is not an adult novel, but a YA work with pedantic progression, cardboard characters, and rehashed thematics in wordy, mishandled diction. I'm fine with those who find a good idea in a recurring theme - but transferring the same exact themes to another work in a different stereotypical skin? It's not a horse of a different color, it's just...not good.I didn't come into this story having any previous expectations, not even after reading the Twilight series and coming across with lukewarm sentiments following it. If anything, I try not to compare, but this was just too repetitive to ignore - Melanie has some of the exact same character flaws as Bella Swann that it's hard to take it out of context. The first 70 or so pages of "The Host" are difficult enough to slug through with the overwrought descriptions for minor events - and this continues throughout the work, even in the recounted character interactions.Now, the terror aspect of a "being within a being," terror at the hands of pursuit goes on for far too long without much suspense, and with the diction of the work - it doesn't improve upon the situation. Melanie, when her character is brought to light, is incredibly frustrating because of her unrelenting dependency and devotion - AND a melancholic approach to living. Her internal thoughts are juvenile at best and the desperation of her situation does not come through. Wanda (the alien soul) and Melanie are truly flat and have no sense of competing personalities. And please don't get me started on the male characters of this book. Jared and Ian are carbon copy characters of Meyer's Twilight series and are very flat. Mature Sci-Fi/Romance? Not here, point blank.Suffice to say - I will argue that at least Twilight identifies its audience and has a progression over the four books. The Host is incredibly difficult to start and to finish. I've done both, but it's one of the few books I've read in the past year that I wish I hadn't read.Overall score: 1/5