PLEASURE IN THE SAND (Loveswept, No 617)

PLEASURE IN THE SAND (Loveswept, No 617) - Adrienne Staff I read this book I think sometime in February and completely forgot I read it. So, I decided I'd add it to the books that I read for this year. It's a romance novel about a woman who, swept away from the shore by the tide, ends up rescued by a former actor who tries to keep a low profile on account of his fame. There's the usual icy relationship that steadily builds into something more. It's actually a decent love story, but I wasn't particularly drawn to it in retrospect - it's more of an in-the-moment, light read. I felt that while the characters had decent chemistry, it doesn't quite have the lasting impression or fleshed out story that I've come to expect from its genre. Nonetheless, the prose reads easily, and I think it satiates as a love story in and of itself.Overall score: 2/5