Once a Witch

Once a Witch  - Carolyn MacCullough "Once a Witch" struck me as an easy to read, supernatural adventure about a girl named Tamsin who seems the misfit in a family of witches. Outshined by her elder and more talented sister Rowena, Tamsin wonders if she'll ever develop a Talent as a witch - a specialty that all witches have. She's approached by an odd professor while working at a bookstore, and finds that she might have a duty in which she can prove herself worthy. What results is a series of complications, secrets, and betrayals that threaten both Tamsin and her family.I actually liked this book more than I thought I would. It took a little while for the book to find its feet with the overall conflict and the revelations to start handing themselves down, but once they did, I was in for the long haul with the story. Yet, I had a few concerns after reading it - for one the romantic elements of the story seemed far too quick to be something to connect to. Granted, I liked Gabriel's character and I liked his chemistry with Tamsin, but it felt like it was just thrown into the plot without much development. I also think that the idea of the Knights and the involving conflict could've had deeper expansion to allow the story to drive further. Many of the elements weren't entirely new, and some bordered on cliche. However, I can't complain about the characterization or the ride it took me on. I liked how each revelation came to pass, and I thought Tamsin's reaction to the secrets that her family hid - it made her realistic and I could sympathize with her as she met each challenge.I would say that this is worth a read in the YA genre, especially since it reads so well (I read it in about a day). I just wish that it could've had more fleshing out to increase the possibilities and the cast within it. Still, this was enjoyable and I would likely read it again.Overall score: 3/5