Girls in Trucks

Girls in Trucks - Katie Crouch This book took me a little while to get through. It's a quick read (approximately 240 some pages), but like the experiences of the protagonist Sarah Walters, the story had its ups and downs. The beginning of the novel, which showcased the young Sarah interacting with her d├ębutante friends and relatives, was a very good start to a story showing the values of Southern hospitality, home, and coming of age. It probably would've been a better novel if it kept consistent with the intimacy of relationships and stayed in one voice throughout the book.When Sarah goes off to college, the story starts to unravel very quickly. I didn't like how it suddenly threw in all these different issues of bad relationships without much realistic expansion. The fact that Sarah goes from one bad relationship to another without really having a connection point established with these relationships (because I'm sure they meant something to her) made it worse. To top it off, I think I liked young Sarah far more than elder Sarah. She didn't seem as interesting of a character and had nothing to distinguish in her adulthood, up until the point where she interacted with her daughter, and by that point, the end of the book came close. There are many time, event, and characterization jumps in the book that aren't properly handled, and I think it ruined what could've been a brilliant debut novel.I will say for the record that there are fine moments of prose, intrigue, and bits of humor interspersed through the story, but none that I think the blurb on the back of the book deliver on as intimately as one would expect. I give it the benefit of the doubt for what it offered, though preferentially, I think it's not a story I'd return to.Overall score: 2/5