Just the Sexiest Man Alive (Berkley Sensation)

Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James I enjoyed this book far more than I thought coming into it, particularly since the characters portrayed don't necessarily have personalities that are easy to attach to. Still, Julie James creates an interesting contemporary romance in "Just the Sexiest Man Alive." Take a cocky, entitled movie star and a determined lawyer - put them together, and see what happens. That's basically what comes out of Taylor Donovan meeting the sexy actor Jason Andrews.Taylor ends up working with Jason concerning a script for his new movie and sparks fly, and not necessarily in the way one would think. The two are competitive personalities, boiling at each turn. Jason expects Taylor to fall into his arms just like every other woman he encounters, but she doesn't give him the satisfaction. Taylor, on the other hand, thinks of Jason as just another heartbreaker. It's not simply tacked on his image as a playboy in Hollywood (though that is a large part of it), but rather with her own romantic history.I think to enjoy this book, as predictable as it may seem, you just have to look at the journey it takes you on. I think the establishment between the courtroom and the celebrity life is realistic enough to carry throughout the story, as well as the characters immersed within it. I took it as a light read, and there were parts of it I enjoyed for what it offered on the romantic side (the fact that the author references Mazzy Star in one key scene is a plus). I'm glad that this was a romance that focused on developing the chemistry between the leads, and the side characters which color the sidelines. Granted, they aren't as fleshed out as the leading heroine.I would say the biggest criticisms I have is that the sexual tension isn't quite played up as much as it could've been between the characters (though the way the characters fend off each other is very well done), and the ending comes a bit too quick and awkward for what it leads to. Still, "Just the Sexiest Man Alive" held my attention, and I'll be reading what else Julie James has to offer in the near future.Overall score: 3.5/5