Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding - Stephanie Lessing It really wasn't my cup of tea, and I'm not apt to recommend it to many people. I'm usually fair about giving books a fair shot, even if they're from genres that I don't normally read. I don't know if I absolutely hated it, but I definitely don't rank it as a good read. At least it was very easy to digest (I read it in about a day).The story focuses on a rather flawed and seemingly quirky magazine editor who has a lot going on in her life, and she seems to speak in a dialect that's meant to be quirky and fun, but I found more often than not that it was quite cliched. I didn't like the polarizations of the other characters here either - they would have been far more interesting if it wasn't just a matter of dealing with "good" versus "bad" characters, and there are so many threads that are dangled in this book with respect to feminism and depression and other issues that just don't work themselves out by the book's end. It's so eccentric that it loses itself in those eccentricities is the best way to put it.