The Last Summer (of You and Me)

The Last Summer (of You and Me) - Ann Brashares Honest afterthoughts on "The Last Summer" - it's more about the journey of this novel than the unexpected if you wish to enjoy it. Ann Brashares has a pleasant, breezy writing style, careful to blend an intricate eye to experiences, though I think in "The Last Summer", she does tend to lose herself in spurts with overstating certain experiences more than others. This is Brashares' first adult novel, and while there are certain elements that make it seem adult (scenes of intimacy, language), it's presented with such a naiveté that it doesn't feel natural. I don't think it's a novel that provides a proper transition for "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" lovers. I think it had some interesting ideas, but it didn't quite carry them as far as they could've gone, or in a voice that adults could relate to. I wanted to love the book myself (being a 26 year old woman who likes coming of age, adult romance stories), but I felt that with the unfolding of events here, it didn't quite hit home with me.The story revolves around a troubled trio of childhood friends: Alice, Riley, and Paul. As the three of them reunite for the summer for the first time, an intimate romantic relationship develops between two of the characters, while they keep it secret from the third to keep from leaving her behind. However, when tragic circumstances arise, it starts to unravel the rinds of the relationship that was so longed for in the character's lives.It's a difficult novel to like if you're looking to relate to the characters; they're quite flawed, into their own heads and desires and needs. There's a reversal here that is quite nice and that I liked in its progressive irony in spurts, but there were also moments in the book that it delves a bit too much into it. It's an interesting look in the mindset of the characters, I'll admit, and that's part of what I liked about the overall book, and what drew me in.I didn't think it was a terrible book, not at all. I did enjoy being lost in some of the simple eyes that Brashares employs on occasion, and there were times when I did find myself immersed in the story, but I felt by the end, the emotion was overwrought. It was worth reading, but it wasn't one of my favorite summer reads. Overall score: 2.5/5