The Spirit Window (Laurel Leaf Books)

The Spirit Window - Joyce Sweeney I recently re-read "The Spirit Window" by Joyce Sweeney, and it reminded me why it was one of my favorite books when I was younger. Beautifully told story of a 15-year old girl (Miranda) who travels to Florida one summer with her father and stepmother to her grandmother's home in the marshes. During this time, Miranda not only meets her grandmother for the first time in her life, she also meets Adam, a Native American boy who lives with and helps her grandmother. But when tragic events occur, it thrusts Miranda in a whirlwind not only stirring up family drama, but memories and feelings that she has to come to terms with as it all unravels.I love Joyce Sweeney's honest and vivid prose here, and like much of her books, she inspired me to want to write books of my own for how easily she slips into her sense of place, emotions, and characterizations. Even several years later, this book holds a place in my favorites bookshelf. I would definitely recommend it for a nice, quick summer read for those who love coming of age/life stories with just a bit more.Overall score: 4/5