Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories

Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories - Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Glen Murakami, Mike Parobeck "Harley Quinn" showcases the introduction of one of my favorite villains in the Batman series, not necessarily because she has a dark or deep storyline to her name, but because she's so lively and entertaining that it's hard to not laugh and like her at the same time. This comic explores how she met the Joker, nearly swore revenge against him after he tried to kill her, and then ended up back up with him again and trading spaces with Batman and Poison Ivy in the mix. I read this in less than an hour, it was a quick and light read. Considering the other two Batman installations I read were rather heavy in both content and premise, this was a welcome read for me, and I quite enjoyed it for what it had to offer. The story is easy to read and understand, though I wish it were a little longer to explore more aspects of the relationship between the Joker and Harley, because the two - from what I've read in other installations in the Batman franchise - have incredibly amusing chemistry, and I think this could've played that up a bit more. But, since it is primarily written in Harley's perspective, I know it could've only gone so far to keep its consistency.Enjoyable, and if you like Harley, you'll probably find this read fun, though probably not the most engaging of the comics that feature her. It's still a decent intro to her character, however.Overall score: 3/5