Good as Lily (Minx Graphic Novels)

Good as Lily - Derek Kirk Kim, Jesse Hamm "Good as Lily" by Derek Kirk Kim is a quick, sweet story about a Korean American girl named Grace Kwon who celebrates her 18th birthday in a not-so typical way. After getting hit in the head with a pinata bought from a strange old woman, Grace finds herself running into her "selves" - her 6 year old, 29 year old, and 70 year old versions to be specific. Each of them have their own odd eccentricities and things to give Grace (in spite of a few situations where they cause problems for the poor girl, lol), and it sounds like the plot of a warped coming of age movie. But I found "Good as Lily" to be a cute read. I thought the overall plot and pacing was charming for a graphic novel. I liked the 70 year old version of Grace. Albeit a little stereotypical, she had me laughing in more than a few scenes. Grace's 29 year old self did act like an "almost 30 year old," though I wish the story gave her more than just a rekindled crush role on Grace's teacher. And the six year old version of Grace certainly had her charms in spurts.You wouldn't know why the GN was called "Good As Lily" unless you took note of one of the plot points relating to Grace's sister Lily. And it carries a theme through the work of how Grace tackles some tough situations in her psyche (which is why whenever a scenario is resolved, the "selves" start to disappear).I did enjoy "Good as Lily" for what it offered, though part of me wishes that it did have more expansion to give more time and space with the characters, since they were interesting to watch and read about.Overall score: 3/5