Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl - Mari Mancusi I'm a little torn with my impressions of "Gamer Girl". Let me first start off by saying that the premise did appeal to me because I was very much into games, manga, and anime when I was around the protagonist's age (matter in point I still am, but I don't have as much of the time to place to it now as I used to.). So when I read the premise, I thought it was an excellent subject to write a book about and eagerly awaited reading it. I lucked out finding it at my local library (which I just checked out earlier today - ended up starting it on the bus ride back home).I started reading and realized that if I were in the latter part of middle school or the early part of high school, I probably would've loved this book. The writing style is easy to digest. The protagonist is quite real in terms of being a teenager dealing with her family's divorce, moving to a new school, and having to cope with being labeled "a freak" for liking the things that she does and for the groups she associates with. Yet the story, as it all unfolds, is quite predictable and even inaccurate in some points about the culture it portrays. I did appreciate some of the references to anime shows (I did see Fullmetal Alchemist, .hack//SIGN, and Inuyasha among a few mentioned throughout the work) and some of the nods to MMORPGs. The chat sessions were very well done. However, I think Mancusi probably could've done more research with respect to teenage gamers and anime/manga lovers, allowing that to show in the fruit of the story and make it much more palpable. It was a great premise to explore and develop upon, but I don't think she really delved into it enough. It's too watered down for those who might not be gamers or anime/manga lovers to really know how people who are into those hobbies think or know why they love it, nor is it expanded enough for those who might love those hobbies to identify with it more than just a basic level of recognition. So, it's a give and take, though I understand if delving into it might've taken away from the basic story Mancusi wanted to tell, but I think it could've added to the charm of the story. I'll admit it kept me turning the pages to see how things would turn out. Unfortunately, I saw the resolution far before it happened, but I would say Gamer Girl's more satisfying if you take it for what it offers as it goes along and don't have too many expectations going into it. It was a lukewarm read for me, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt.Overall: 2.5/5