Read On...Speculative Fiction for Teens: Reading Lists for Every Taste (Read On Series)

Read On... Speculative Fiction for Teens: Reading Lists for Every Taste - Jamie Kallio "Sucks to Be Me" is one of the vampire/paranormal YA books that I've enjoyed in recent considerations. With an interesting protagonist, Mina Hamilton, narrating the way through a coming-of-age meets paranormal story, it's an intriguing read and much different than the exaggerated angst of some peer releases. What makes it intriguing is the witty yet charming commentary and reactions of Mina as she tries to cope with the decision of whether or not to become a full fledged vampire and risk losing life as she knows it, especially noting her best friend Serena. Plus, she doesn't necessarily like the idea of having to drink blood or go to special vampire sessions only to have homework from there in addition to her normal school work. But "Sucks to be Me" is a convincing book with respect to its portrayal of teen relationships and events (i.e. Prom, among other factors ). I was surprised to see how inventive and charming it was. It easily stands out among its peers for its strong use of characterization and prose, and reads quite fluidly. I finished this book in a day, reading it at whatever chance I had between my busy schedule, and it was well worth the time.I would definitely recommend this to those who want something of a coming-of-age twist on vampiric stories. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next in this series.Overall score: 4/5