Welcome to Temptation

Welcome to Temptation - Jennifer Crusie "Welcome to Temptation" was certainly tempting to me when I picked it up from the library. With Jennifer Crusie fast becoming one of my favorite romance authors and me devouring her works, the premise caught my eye. A family of cons, a lot of lust, a little bit of blackmail, murder, sexual tension, family tension and just good natured humor, I thought "Why not?"The premise begins with Sophie Dempsey and her sister Amy driving into the small town of Temptation, Ohio, where the name seems more interesting than the town. They're trying to shoot a movie and it turns out to be something of a porn flick. Of course, Sophie finds inspiration for this movie's script when she comes across the town mayor, Phineas Tucker. Chaos ensues from there, particularly since the small town isn't happy about Sophie and her entourage making the movie. But of course, the movie isn't the only concern among some members of the town when Sophie and Phin's relationship grows ten-fold.You realize after a little while that the main two characters won't keep their hands off each other. There was a devil of a lot of sex between them in the beginning and throughout the work. Smut, definitely. Sex talk, plenty. I wanted to see more of the thrill of the chase just to be drawn to them a little more, but I realized as the story went on that it became more intriguing, especially when the chaos kicked in. I didn't find it quite as dynamic as "Agnes and the Hitman" - possibly because not all of the characters stood out as readily in my mind, but it was cursedly entertaining in points. I did laugh at some of the humor, more between the families (Phin's daughter was awesome! As was the chemistry between her and her dad. And I liked Sophie and Phin's more teasing moments in places.) rather than the sexual humor (some of it was good, others of it was just...ehhh. The water tower didn't really convince me as per example.).Still, "Temptation" was well enough that it convinced me the whole way through that it was a decent love story with interesting turns of conflict, passion, humor, and some stuff in between. I don't think as many of the characters struck the biggest chord in me as some of Crusie's other works, but they were pleasant to watch, and I genuinely liked the two leading characters. Overall, definitely would recommend and read this again.Overall: 3/5