Angels Fall

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts Nora Roberts' "Angels Fall" was an interesting book that combined mystery, suspense, and romance all rolled into one, though with certain elements of a realistic small town and a woman on the run from a dreadful past. Reece Gilmore is a former cook from Boston who, after being the only survivor in a tragic shooting, can't stay in one place. She comes across the town of Angel's Fist, Wyoming, and takes a job at a local diner to earn money after her car breaks down. While neurotic and suffering from terrible nightmares, Reece can't help but notice how others seem to think she's a bit off. However, when Reece claims to have witnessed a murder, many of the town's residents don't believe her. A crime/mystery writer named Brody wants to help and willingly believes her, all the while having a growing on/off relationship with Reece. Yet, Brody reads between the lines to realize that someone is pulling pranks on Reece to make her think she's crazy, and they'll have to put the pieces together to find out who it is before the game turns deadly.I found the book personally to be a captivating read, particularly with the way the book comes across in its strong characterization, sense of place, and level of intrigue in the mystery. I had my suspicions about who the main perp of this turned out to be, and while I could see the culprit being who it was, I wasn't convinced by the string of events that connected him to the crime. It was also difficult for me to like the heroine on all counts. Not so much for the measure that she's neurotic, but how in certain places in the novel, her personality seems to shift to certain conclusions. However, I found the interactions and chemistry between Brody and Reece well placed for a suspense romance, and I did find the book held my attention the whole way. Vivid prose in the sense of place, capturing natural character emotions and fun, witty dialogue.Overall, I think "Angels Fall" was a satisfying read, probably not the best Nora Roberts romance I've read, but certainly one that I'd willingly read again and recommend.Overall score: 3/5