My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake  - Chelsea M. Cameron Initial reaction: If anyone makes light of the fact that Chelsea Cameron's "My Favorite Mistake" has similarities to Jamie McGuire's "Beautiful Disaster" - they are quite accurate on some levels. I saw the work as a typical "paint by numbers" New Adult story with no original backing or appeal. The characters in this narrative were equally insufferable, and I felt that even when I learned about their respective histories, the reflection on their personas and pains seemed oddly one-dimensional. The relationship between Taylor and Hunter was also one dimensional, especially considering that the work beat the idea into the head of the reader 85% of the time that Taylor would eventually fall in love with Hunter. It wasn't organic, it wasn't anything more than the basis of lust, and both of their personalities were so abrasive at times that I wanted to throw the book down and walk away from it. Suffice to say, I'm really disappointed with the work here.Full review:"Problem Boy/Missy Girl" - a poetic review featuring the leads of "My Favorite Mistake."Author's note: I told myself that I would attempt to write a poetic review of this work to summarize its events and problems. I do this for humor as much as critique, so hopefully this turns out just as well as the last poetic review I wrote on Cara Cormack's "Losing It". That review worked probably more considering they were theater students and the nature of the story. My excuse here? Well, Hunter, the leading love interest, is a guitar player, so there are some musical elements here - mostly for silliness and just to showcase talents, but it's enough to try to attempt making a song out of it. If I have any additional thoughts, I'll just put them below the prose. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did penning it, though as far as the work goes, I didn't care for it, and hopefully this review is an illustration of why.This is set to the same progression as They Might Be Giants' "Particle Man."Taylor:Problem Boy, Problem BoyThinks that I'm his own little toyMy new roomie? I'm not with joy,Problem Boy.Is his head a block of brick?I hit his face and I knee his...Hunter: Oww!Taylor:You cornered me! That's what you get,Problem Boy!*Hunter:Missy Girl, Missy Girl,Has me feeling like I'm gonna hurl.She dances well, grind and twirl,Missy Girl.She's upset cause I sleep in her bed,**She should know this dorm's co-ed.She knows she loves me, it's in her head,Lighten up instead, Missy Girl.Taylor:Problem Boy, Problem Boy,The way he treats me is such a ploy,He thinks of new ways to annoy,***Problem Boy.He doesn't think I know his game,He never calls me by my name,It's Taylor, not Missy, I'm not yours to tame,You men are the same, Problem Boy!Taylor:Problem Man, Problem Man,I'm calling you this, just 'cause I can,You bury your head in the sand,Problem Man.I will never, ever sleep with you.Hunter:Only a matter of time, just wait it through.Taylor:What's wrong with you?! You're bipolar, dude,****I should sue, Problem Man.Hunter:Missy Girl, Missy GirlI have a dare, let's give it a whirl,I see your fists start to curl,Don't hit me, Missy Girl.If you don't love me, then I'll move out,When the end of the term comes about.I know you'll sleep with me, there's no doubt.You can't resist me, Missy Girl.Taylor:Problem Dude, Problem Dude,Why do you have to be so rude?I'm know I'm messed up, but so are you,Problem Dude.Hunter:I never said I was worthy of heaven,And on my body, I have a tattoo or "7",My tragic past, News at Eleven.Taylor:Same here, it's a Problem Dude.Hunter:Missy Girl, Missy Girl,Glad you came into my world,I told you so, let our love unfurlMissy Girl.We heal each other with our love,Past death and pain, its rough,But when we're together, it doesn't seem so tough,Let's move along, Missy Girl.Fin.*She literally does this not long after meeting him when he corners her.**Hunter sleeps in the buff and even throws her out of her own room at one point when he gets mad. She starts crying, drives off to a friend's house and basically he has to convince her to return. Ugh.*** I could probably write a book about how Hunter annoys Taylor, but Taylor's equally abrasive, which makes the two of them really hard to sympathize/emphasize with.**** She actually calls him bipolar many, many times. And makes mention of how messed up she is in her internal voice.Overall score: 0.5/5Note: I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Harlequin.