Alcatraz #1: Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians - Brandon Sanderson Hello, if you're reading this review, that must mean that you've come across the book "Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians" by the illustrious Brandon Sanderson. You are probably wondering whether you should take the time to read it. Well, considering the book is written in the exact same style as I'm writing this review (sort of), you can have an idea of how the protagonist comes across in spurts. Written in first person, a self-proclaimed autobiography (*cough* - I'm probably not supposed to say that much), Alcatraz recounts his adventures in the first part of this series.Well, I for one can tell you - you should read this book. Why? Because it's just that entertaining, engaging, and tells the truth about the conspiracy of evil librarians that threaten our world, and how one boy manages to learn the truth (sort of).Alcatraz has been through many foster homes (proclaiming himself to be "not a very nice person"), and he has a talent for breaking things. Lo and behold, after he receives a package of a bag of sand (his inheritance) for his 13th birthday, all chaos breaks loose. The sand's stolen, a man claiming to be Alcatraz's grandfather shows up, and Alcatraz joins a ragtag team to infiltrate the library to get his inheritance back. Sound like a mouthful? Well, that's not surprising. But that's only the beginning to the tale.Sure, the journey is dangerous for young Alcatraz. Sure there are promises that are made by this fitfully unreliable narrator that aren't delivered upon, but it's all in good fun. And there are tons of references that might go over the heads of some readers, but you - the observant one - might find yourself in stitches laughing from the parts that strike you.You'd have to read to figure out the truth (which, for all purposes, that's what the author wants you to do). I'm just here to tell you that this book is a romping adventure filled with books, dinosaurs, swords, crazy driving, powerful spectacles called oculators, and useful tips on the deceptiveness that writers use to make you read into the ungodly hours of the morning (I've fallen for it many times).In all seriousness, "Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians" kept me on my toes and smiling through most of the book while reading it. I am apt to read the next installment of it to see where it goes. While there were times when the pacing slows a bit from the "side-dialogue", some of the one-liners were quite hilarious. Overall, definitely worth the time reading.Overall score: 4/5