End of the World Blues

End of the World Blues - Jon Courtenay Grimwood End of the World Blues is one of those novels that had great ideas but not always perfect execution - sometimes I thought the plot slowed down more than it should have, but it was still an intriguing read and I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up again. I think I can see why people love Grimwood as an author because he has such a vivid sense of place in his settings and rounded characters. I liked that the novel explored elements of Japanese culture (many of which I recognized). Lady Neku was an interesting character, and I found myself drawn to Kit, the main character as things start getting crazy in the plot progression.Kit is obviously a flawed individual with his share of problems. This is evidenced even from the beginning of the novel with his relationships in full detail and becomes even moreso when he believes his ex-girlfriend is in danger. Lady Neku simply wants a chance to start again, and as for the rest of the colorful cast of characters in this novel - well, they're just that, colorful. I think overall it was the vivid sense of characterization and ideas that drew me to the novel. It's my first Grimwood novel, so I'm looking forward to seeing what other work is within his pallete.Overall score: 3/5