Be Happy Without Being Perfect: How to Worry Less and Enjoy Life More

Be Happy Without Being Perfect: How to Break Free from the Perfection Deception - Alice D. Domar, Alice Lesch Kelly This book was an interesting read. I primarily read it because I'm interested in various approaches to women's health issues (took quite a few classes in the subject in my undergrad institution), and was curious to see how this author tackled the issue of the Perfectionist Trap in her book. Suffice to say, within the scope of the topic she covers and the bases of cognitive restructuring she delves into, it's very good. The accounts of some of the patients gave the work a personal touch as well, and I appreciated that.I am a perfectionist for sure. I can usually snap myself into a rational mode if I can recognize it, but I'll admit there are times when it hits me hard, and after reading this, I know why, probably more than I did before I read it. I think those looking for a self-help guide or are just curious about how to approach the "Perfectionist Trap" from a feminine perspective should look into this book (though I would argue it would've been much more helpful to see futher how perfectionist tendencies tend to run in both genders and understand it from other potential approaches, and how it differs in different societies. I think if it did, it would be a much more well-rounded book. For what it offers on a basic level, it does a decent job).Overall score: 3/5