Something Like Fate

Something Like Fate - Susane Colasanti Susane Colasanti starts with an interesting, but quite familiar premise - what if the boy your best friend crushes over is far more interested in you? Would you betray the friend you love for the first person you ever found yourself in love with? Lani is a young woman caught within such a tough situation, as her best friend Erin falls head over heels for a classmate (Jason).Add a interesting secondary cast of characters, and "Something Like Fate" seems to have a pedigree to be a captivating read.I wish I could say that it was, because the story reads a bit pedantic and typical with only little to keep it treading above the pack. Truthfully, Lani is a good lead character, but it's more or less the unrealistic settlement of a lot of issues which Colasanti brings up in this book that left me scratching my head. I won't say that I didn't enjoy the story for what it offered, but there was much to be desired as events unfolded.I felt there were parts that were spent with too much time in one aspect, while other more pertinent parts of the story progressed too quickly to have weight. Being specific, the recurring theme of fate had its place in certain parts of the novel (and I liked Lani being interested in horoscopes, tarot cards, and other such things - that's a fun thing to write about). But in others, it was emphasized way too much, taking away from crucial character transitions. On the other hand, following the major falling out that occurs towards the end of the novel, it was far too easily resolved, especially after some very crude actions on the part of Lani's "friends", especially on the part of Erin.I have to commend Colasanti for her focus on some of the secondary characters, who had some time to shine in spurts with some very real issues to confront (including one character who has to deal with his family and friends about being gay, and another character responsible for an internet ploy that targets Lani unfairly). I feel that some of these, however, could've been taken further to make them have more weight within the story and perhaps a more even resolution.It may just be a matter of how you take the story for what it offers. I think there may be many a young adult, who may be looking for a light read, that may enjoy some of the moments in this novel. Those who like love triangles in a YA romance/coming of age story may find something to like in it, but I think there are other novels (including some previous works of Colasanti) that work it much, much better than "Something Like Fate."Overall score: 2.5/5