Wake - Lisa McMann I read "Fade" in a two hour sitting at the library, and it was a captivating read, much more cohesive in its structure than the first book by a wide consideration, and ultimately more suspenseful in its pacing and anticipation. I think readers will like not only Janie's budding relationship with Cabe through the book, but also the overarching case Janie's involved and ultimately the horrific fate that is said to befall her as a Dream Catcher. Granted, it might've been by my expectation, but I knew who the villain was in this book long before the book cast the light on his actions, but to see how it developed and played out was worth the journey. The considerable conflicts had more weight to them in this book and I liked that the focus flowed smoothly between the conflicts, keeping me on my toes while still maintaining the dynamic and flow of the story. There were some unresolved plot issues, but I think that will keep me wanting more until I read the next book in the series.The characters seemed more even and dynamic than in the first book as well. The Captain (Fran Komisky) had a much more significant and captivating role in this book, with a combination of tough love and charm to carry her within the book. I'll also admit I liked Janie and Cabe's chemistry, and how some of the dynamics in their relationship came to light through the sexual tension. It was also quite intimate without being graphic. However, I'll admit some of the characters that I grew to like in the first book took more of a backseat in this one. I think the story still has issues with bringing its cast in more immediate dynamics, but for those that do get scene time in this book, it does a very good job.Overall I would say that "Fade" does what it promises to do - gives readers a look into the conflictive gift of a young woman while bringing to the table a real issue and some realistic dynamics that will hold your interest in the time that you take to read it.Overall score: 3.5/5