Thirteen Days to Midnight

Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman "Thirteen Days to Midnight" is a thrilling, intuitive look about how much having too much power without exploring its limitations can have dire consequences. Jacob Fielding is a fifteen year old who's in the aftermath of healing from the unexpected and tragic death of his guardian. Returning to his private school, he deals with his best friend Milo, his rival Ethan, and a new girl that completely attracts him in looks and demeanor (Orphelia, a.k.a Oh).Things become complicated when Jacob reveals to Oh and Milo about a unique ability he possesses - an ability to render himself and others invincible for a brief time. The three of them experiment with what they call "the power" or the "argyle" in a series of dangerous stunts. But when things become too much, Jacob realizes that the power has more limitations than a little bit, and it's only a matter of time before it catches up to them.The pacing and tension in this book is incredibly well done, and I loved reading Jacob's voice, even considering places where he can be foul mouthed, though it's never overdone. The interactions between his friends and his own mindset are engaging and convincing considering all the events that occur around him. Jacob has a distinct personality, and there are quite a number of revelations and twists that completely surprised me as I read the book. There are times when its intense, and the moral consequences are brought front and center for the reader, but it makes you think as you read it.I would definitely recommend this book for being a uniquely written story of paranormal powers and caveats for its intended audiences.Overall score: 4/5